Sustainability Training

Webinar series

With sustainability being the top agenda of governments and organisations, there is certainly a need to be aware of the evolving landscape of sustainability. A series of webinars, inclusive of interactive activities, would be a great way to kick off your efforts to introduce sustainability.

The hour-long webinar topics are based on key sustainability topics such as the 5 pillars of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and more! These webinars will introduce sustainability, insights on how it may impact them and what the future may have installed for them.

To further enrich your learning experience, we strongly encourage follow-up activities associated with the webinar topic.


$1200* (excluding GST) per webinar of max 300 pax

*Subject to total number of participants

  • City in Nature
  • Energy Reset
  • Sustainable Living
  • Green Economy
  • Resilient Future
  • Food Sustainability
Follow-up activities

*cost is subjected to total number of participants

  • Participants could write an opinion piece on a policy and have a debate session on the selected topic.
  • Carbon accounting activity based on one's lifestyle choices.
  • Participate in Repair Kopitiam! In an ongoing program run by SL2, participants can learn how to fix their faulty appliances.
  • Case study based activity - Participants would propose how companies could adopt sustainability practices.
  • Scenario Planning based activity - Participants would be given a base scenario with various disruptors and be asked to think about how to approach the issues.