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Embark On Your Sustainability Journey With Confidence And Agility

SMEs can now enjoy a customised sustainability programme designed for SMEs, by SMEs! The SGTech Sustainability Guided Programme (SGP) is a transformative experience for SMEs. Gain your green business advantage ahead of the fast-coming global norms of doing business the green way through a seamless, structured approach and align with Singapore’s sustainability regulations that are scheduled to intensify from 2024 onwards.

SL2 is an Official Implementation Partner of the SGP. Tap on our extensive expertise in ESG standards, implementation, and reporting, and deep understanding of SMEs to get started and create new value according to your unique business. Together with SGTech, we are committed to you to drive growth through sustainable practices and enhance your brand’s reputation.

Sustainability Guided Programme (SGP)

The SGTech Sustainability Guided Programme (SGP) is a structured and hands-on customised consulting programme. Designed by SMEs for SMEs, it seamlessly integrates the most relevant knowledge, tools, and strategies into your business goals and operations.

Government-subsidised with a one-week approval period, you can avoid lengthy and complex grant application processes. Get started quickly with the most commercially essential components of sustainability and enjoy flexibility with your choice of focus area. Expect to achieve results for immediate commercial use with the basic package in the form of a baseline sustainability assessment that can help kickstart your journey to Sustainability Reporting. If you wish, you can also incorporate additional components.

SL2, as the SGP’s Official Implementing Partner, has over a decade of experience consulting SMEs in sustainability know-how. Leverage on our expertise and commitment to uncover your hidden potential for new business growth in the fast-coming global green normal.

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Keeping up with ever-changing regulations and integrating sustainability practices can be daunting. In-house constraints cause many challenges translating sustainability into business growth and developing and implementing comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies and practices. SL2 is deeply familiar with these challenges and is dedicated to providing SMEs with cost-effective and customised solutions.

We offer SMEs a structured and guided approach to Sustainability Reporting. The SGP provides a Guided Sustainability Report and a companion Action Book. These will help align your business with the most commercially essential components of regulatory requirements and global standards and ensure you meet the expectations of customers, investors, and other stakeholders. You will receive results you can immediately use to enhance your brand value, seize new business opportunities, and build a powerful, new competitive advantage in a fast-growing, sustainability-conscious market at home and abroad.

As your Official Implementation Partner for the SGP, SL2 brings over a decade of experience serving SMEs with their refined sustainability expertise and knowledge. Our team of dedicated experts will tailor sustainability solutions to your business needs. From unlocking bottom-line benefits to capacity building, we will help you navigate the complexities of sustainability to make a positive impact on your business value. Our commitment to addressing SME constraints ensures that you experience excellent service and receive results uniquely suited to your business goals and budgets.

Let’s explore how the SGP and our partnership with SGTech can arm your business for success in the fast-rising global green economy. Take advantage of the opportunity to unlock new business possibilities and enhance your brand’s reputation with SGTech’s SGP. Please fill out the interest form, and we will follow up.