How We Can Help You

We develop, co-design, and implement a mix of innovative programming to help our clients resolve both their short and long-term goals. Our portfolio includes corporations that want to attach sustainability to their business objectives and governments who want to connect the public with sustainability measures.


Our Growing Portfolio of Services

If you are looking to be innovative and meet sustainability objectives, SL2 can help in your journey. Leverage our strength in niche areas with services that can benefit corporations, governments, and institutions of every size, globally.

  1. In-house Innovation Capacity Building
  2. Exploring New Business Ideas around Sustainability
  3. Integration of AI & IoT to advance Sustainability


In-house Innovation Capacity Building

We take an objective view and identify areas for innovation within a company. Using our sustainability toolkits we develop and pitch new SDG-linked ideas along with a roadmap to meet the desired objectives. SL2 support clients from ideating to prototyping stages, enhancing and developing their in-house capabilities in the process.


Exploring New Business Ideas around Sustainability

We delve into a client’s business objectives and identify areas of opportunity and risk using a sustainability-centric lens. By doing this we develop a roadmap for new business ventures and simultaneously evaluate partner or business opportunity portfolios for its sustainability potential/value.


Integration of AI & IoT to advance Sustainability

We embrace the fourth industrial revolution by helping businesses align their technology solutions with opportunities in the dynamic and fast-growing AI and IoT space.