Sustainable Living Lab (SL2)

Our Services

Learning & Development​

  • Sustainability Skills Training
  • Digital Skills Training (Green AI, Green Cybersecurity)
  • Innovation for Sustainability

We provide comprehensive Learning & Development services that meet the evolving needs of individuals and organisations. Our Sustainability Skills Training equips participants with the knowledge and tools to integrate sustainability and foster innovation. Specialising in Green AI and Green Cybersecurity, our Digital Skills Training empowers learners in eco-conscious digital practices. Furthermore, our focus on ‘Innovation for Sustainability’ encourages creative problem-solving and collaboration, helping clients drive meaningful environmental change and stay at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

Programme Design & Implementation​

  • Sustainability Guided Programme
  • Community & Employee Engagement
  • Tech Workforce Development

We create customised programmes to empower sustainability advocates among critical stakeholders. Our Sustainability Guided Programme integrates innovative digital methods into business operations, fostering sustainable practices. Our expertise extends to promoting Community & Employee Engagement, exemplified by Repair Kopitiam, a unique community leadership initiative with tailored programmes for positive change. Our Tech Workforce Development focus equips individuals with digital skills for an innovative and resilient workforce. These programmes help clients thrive in the digital landscape, driving lasting and widespread progress.

Platform Design & Development​

  • Sustainability-as-a-Service
  • Virtual Apprenticeship
  • Teacher Professional Development

We specialise in Platform Design & Development, placing innovation at the forefront. Our Sustainability-as-a-Service approach uses technology to provide sustainable solutions. Our latest product, Spryx, combines real-world experience with a commitment to change. We integrate diversity and disclosures into one platform, a top investment for sustainable innovation. Our Virtual Apprenticeship platform merges hands-on experience with digital tools for modern professionals. Additionally, our Teacher Professional Development platform equips educators with cutting-edge strategies. Through these pillars, we enhance learning, workforce development, and education with immersive experiences and skill advancement.

Research & Reporting

  • Policy White Papers
  • Industry Surveys
  • Social Impact Reporting

We provide an all-encompassing Research & Reporting service for informed decision-making. Our expertise shines in creating Policy White Papers that simplify complex issues into actionable insights that guide strategic decisions. These papers offer a comprehensive view of industry trends, giving clients a competitive advantage. Moreover, our skill in Social Impact Reporting ensures a transparent evaluation of initiative effects, empowering stakeholders to contribute to societal progress. With meticulous attention to detail, we deliver precise and impactful information, helping clients navigate the complexities of corporate sustainability confidently.