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Have you heard of strategic foresight?

By Veerappan Swaminathan

Veerappan Swaminathan
Veerappan Swaminathan

Strategic foresight is an approach to exploring plausible ideas about the future and anticipating change through structured and systematic methods involving trend analysis, scenario planning, and other tools.

Strategic foresight and Futures Thinking are at the very core of the work SL2 does. We’ve been working in sustainability for over a decade and have had firsthand experience with the importance of sustainability for resilience building. In a world of constant change, foresight is invaluable. Embracing sustainability early isn’t just a trend; it’s a strategy.

The SGTech Sustainability Guided Programme (SGP) offers a clear advantage : a strategic consulting programme to ensure that your business proactively makes well-informed decisions rather than reacting. Early adopters gain a competitive edge by understanding evolving market dynamics and seizing green opportunities.

Let’s explore how SGP can position SMEs as pioneers in this new era. The future is sustainable, and those who grasp it today will thrive tomorrow.

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