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CLIENT: Intel®

Bridging the AI skills gap for 30 million

The Covid-19 pandemic coupled with rapid digitalisation happening globally has highlighted the deep technology divide that exists in our society. There is an urgent need to close this gap, especially with those who may not have access to the necessary technology skills required by today’s fast-moving economy.

We need to move the conversation from only technology access to the developing mindsets, skills and opportunities required to use technology responsibly and thrive in a digital future. We took the opportunity to partner with Intel® in the implementation of its Digital Readiness Programs globally. The programs empower non-technical audiences to use technology impactfully and responsibly in the AI-fueled world. It comprises the AI for Youth (For High school students), AI for Citizens (For general public), AI for Current Workforce (For current workforce needing to upskill or reskill), AI for Future Workforce (For students from employability education institutions) and Digital Readiness for Leaders (For government leaders and public sector officers). Intel® has made a commitment to collaborate with 30 countries' governments, enabling digital access to 30 thousand institutions, and training 30 million people.

SL2 is helping implement parts of the ambitious Intel® Digital Readiness Programs globally. We work on localizing and launching the program in a number of countries. We support direct implementation activities in Singapore, Indonesia and India by engaging local Government partners. We support the program execution, assist with conducting faculty training and setting up AI labs. We handhold learners through the AI project development cycle and facilitate industry mentorship opportunities for learners in developing their AI projects.We work closely with diverse collaborators from around the world such as community colleges and vocational schools in the US and China to high schools in Poland, and Russia.

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