Case Studies

CLIENT: Nippon Closure

A shift towards sustainability

As the leading manufacturer of bottle closures, our client recognised the negative impact its business operations had on the environment and community, and felt the need to shift to include sustainability measures. This was further supported by a strong push from the consumer end for sustainable packaging and policies implemented by governments.

Through conversations with partners, the programme was organised to ensure there was a deep understanding of the issues, the impact, and discussions with potential partners to co-create a solution. Site visits were made to impacted countries including Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore providing the opportunity to experience the current situation first hand and form a real understanding of how its business operations were affecting the local community. 

Problem areas were identified and conversations with key stakeholders (UN agencies, NGOs, local water producers) were held to understand and identify the optimal solution. Through this collaborative effort and site visits, NCC worked with partners to produce a potential solution, choosing Cambodia and Singapore to start the pilot projects. By the end of the challenge, over 30 ideas were proposed and later adopted by NCC.