Sustainability + Innovation

Sustainable Solutions for Lasting Growth

We are a sustainability consultancy
and innovation lab.

Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) was founded in Singapore in 2011 with the aim of developing impactful, sustainable solutions in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our clients include several Governments, international development organizations, leading MNCs and SMEs. Our expertise is in utilizing technology as a lever for sustainability and applying a community-driven approach for implementation. We have a strong presence in Asia with teams in Singapore, Indonesia, India and the US.

How We Help Our Clients

We work with a broad spectrum of clients, from local Governments to multi-national corporations and even small businesses who are committed to effective and sustainable practices.
With corporations, we connect sustainability to their short and long term business goals. With Governments, we help them connect sustainability to the public at large.

We Apply Innovation and Sustainability Together

Given the right tools, all businesses can be innovative. Using the agile first-principles thinking approach, we ideate creative practical solutions across Social, Economic, and Environment pillars and use our implementation expertise to deliver impactful solutions for the 3P (Public, Private, and People) sector.

We Test and Implement Solutions at Scale

Our strength lies in our ability to move from the ground to the boardroom seamlessly and drafting frictionless, easily deployed transition plans. By approaching problems holistically, we work with clients to develop a sustainable solution that boosts both their business profile and bottom line.

We Mobilise Communities and Partnerships

Beyond our expertise in Futures Thinking, Trends Spotting and Open Innovation, we are able to leverage our network of partners in the public and private sector in providing our clients a springboard to meet their objectives.

Our Focus Areas

We specialise in certain areas with services that can benefit corporations, Governments bodies, and institutions of every size, across geographies.

In-house Innovation
Capacity Building

Exploring New Business
Ideas around Sustainability

Integration of AI & IoT to advance Sustainability

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